7 Questions We Have After The Mandalorian Season 3 Finale

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SPOILERS follow for The Mandalorian Season 3 finale. 

The Mandalorian Season 3 has come to a close, and it certainly took us to some unexpected places. In some regards, it’s back to the beginning for Din Djarin and Grogu, while also serving as a fresh start for the Mandalorian people. However there are still a lot of lingering threads that need to be addressed when The Mandalorian Season 4 eventually rolls around.

So as we look back on the most recent episodes of the series, these are the big questions we have after The Mandalorian Season 3 finale.

Are There More Moff Gideon
Clones Out There?

In the culmination of a three-season arc, it was revealed that Moff Gideon’s obsession with cloning and with Grogu’s blood were all about making a clone army of Gideon himself, while giving these clones the Force powers he’d never had. We may never know if the experiments worked since Din Djarin destroyed the clones shortly before he and Bo-Katan Kryze definitively defeated Gideon himself.

Although the death of Gideon seemed to be about as final as it gets, we do have to wonder if he truly put all of his eggs in one basket, so to speak. Theoretically, there could be more Gideon clones who might awaken with powers far beyond the original.

What Happened To Dr. Pershing?

After episode three of the season spent so much time with Dr. Pershing, it’s odd that his fate was never directly addressed in the five episodes that followed. Poor Pershing seemed sincere in his desire to use cloning technology to help people. However, Elia Kane duped Pershing into betraying the terms of his work release, and left him strapped to a mind flayer device (or at least one much like it) which she turned up to dangerously high levels.

Considering Gideon’s entire personal agenda revolved around clones, killing one of the galaxy’s foremost experts on cloning seems like an incredibly bad idea. Plus, if Gideon had simply wanted him dead, Kane could have easily eliminated him without so much cloak and dagger theatrics. But even assuming that Pershing survived his ordeal in the mind-flayer device, then we should have at least heard if his brilliant mind was damaged and if Kane is still keeping tabs on him.

Can the Darksaber Be Repaired?

For centuries, the Darksaber was a symbol of power for Mandalore’s rightful ruler. Lightsabers are pretty uncommon outside of the Jedi or Sith, and even Moff Gideon coveted the Darksaber and what it represented. Yet during his final battle with Bo-Katan, Gideon crushed the Darksaber and seemingly rendered it useless. A short time later, Gideon’s Imperial base was devastated by an explosion.

Given that the Mandalorians won their homeworld back, no one even bothered to ask Bo-Katan what happened to the Darksaber, and it’s unclear if we will see this iconic lightsaber again. It’s also unknown if the destruction of the Darksaber will impact Bo-Katan’s ability to hold her people together and remain the leader of Mandalore. Does The Armorer have any thoughts about it?

Will the Mythosaur Rise Again?

At the end of episode two, Bo-Katan became the first Mandalorian in centuries to witness a living Mythosaur. Within the Mandalorian culture, these might sea beasts had long ago passed into the realm of myth and legends. That’s one of the reasons why Bo-Katan only told the Armorer about what she saw beneath the Living Waters in the Mines of Mandalore.

Even the Armorer first assumed that Bo-Katan’s encounter was a vision. But viewers know the truth. There’s at least one Mythosaur left on Mandalore, and it doesn’t seem to be eager to revisit the surface. How long has it lived? And how long can it stay undiscovered now that the Mandalorians have retaken their home world? Their people revere the Mythosaur, and it would be considered a good omen if it does rise again. Grogu seemed to sense its presence in the finale but we want to see the other Mandalorians discover what’s beneath those waters.

Does IG-11 Retain His Old Memories?

Throughout the season, Din was constantly told that it was impossible to rebuild IG-11 without a rare memory chip. Presumably, Din finally got the chip when he made the arrangement with Carson Teeva to work with him under the table. Shortly thereafter, the newly rebuilt IG-11 was presented to Greef Karga as the new Marshal of Nevaro.

Considering that the explosions that tore apart Gideon’s base, the remains of the original IG-11 should probably have been destroyed. So it’s difficult to determine if this IG-11 is truly the heroic droid Din once knew, or if he is simply a replacement unit named in his memory.

How Will the Shadow Council Respond To the Resurgence of Mandalore?

As seen in the penultimate episode of the season, Gideon’s faction of the Empire was not the only group of Imperial forces in the galaxy. Gideon also made unsubtle moves to shore up his own power within the Shadow Council and undermine Grand Admiral Thrawn’s influence. But the one thing that united the Imperials was a desire to crush the Mandalorians before they could retake their planet.

Now that Gideon has been vanquished and Mandalore is once again in the hands of its people, will the Imperial warlords on the Shadow Council strike back? The Empire rarely accepts such defeats without planning to make its enemies pay. And even the reduced might of the Shadow Council is still a formidable force.

Who Will Din Djarin’s Next Target Be?

In the closing minutes of the season, Din Djarin essentially put himself back in the bounty hunter business by making an arrangement with Carson Teva to hunt some of the galaxy’s most wanted. This will almost certainly eventually send Din against the Shadow Council, and perhaps even push him into the pursuit of Thrawn himself.

There’s a whole universe of possibilities out there. But we’ll likely have to wait as long as two years before The Mandalorian Season 4 can give us some answers.

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