Our recent "History" comes from an idea: an own brand.

Subsequently a winery, also own. And in both, the development of an authentic brand with a very Galician name as the wine: "CASTRO BAROÑA".

In that concept the best intentions are combined to develop a managerial project that gives place to a common effort of the distribution companies that owns the winery and brand, and to distinguish a particular wine from the D.O. Rías Baixas, to savour the authentic flavor of the albariño wine.


1996: starts the commercialization of the brand "Castro Baroña"

1999: creation of the company "Castro Baroña, S.L."

2002: the project is passed

2003: starts the works

2004: the first harvest

This way was born and this is the way a future dream called "CASTRO BAROÑA" it's being created.