Heroes and Villains of ‘The Legend of Vox Machina’ S2

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The Legend of Vox Machina is a unique show. Prime Video’s animated fantasy series is based on a Dungeons and Dragons campaign from the Critical Role web series that follows an aspiring group of adventurers in the fictional land of Exandria. The series reprises the beloved characters from the original campaign, with the original cast – who are all professional voice actors – returning in the roles.

Season 1 saw Vox Machina defeat Lord and Lady Briarwood before ending on a major cliffhanger: four dragons appeared on the horizon, flying towards the city of Emon. Anyone who’s familiar with Critical Role will recognise this as the Chroma Conclave, one of the first major villains of the web series; and yes, the Chroma Conclave is the main threat of Season 2.

The Legend of Vox Machina Season 2 contains 12 episodes. The first three are now streaming on Prime Video, with three episodes premiering weekly after that. Whether you watched Season 1 when it first came out or are jumping into the adventure for the first time, here’s everything you need to know about the members of Vox Machina and the dragons of the Chroma Conclave.


Vex is a half-elf ranger who uses a bow and arrow and is aided in combat by a frickin’ bear in armour named Trinket. She and her twin brother Vax were raised by their domineering and emotionally distant father but ran away when they were young to live with their mother. Upon reaching her home, they found it destroyed and soon realised that a dragon was responsible; we can only imagine that facing the Chroma Conclave is going to be personal for the siblings. Luckily, Vex can sense when dragons are nearby, so Vox Machina shouldn’t ever be caught out by the conclave.


While Vex studied the bow, Vax trained with daggers and stealth to become a rogue. He’s overly protective of his sister and in love with Keyleth, although his timing on the latter could have been better: he confessed his love in the middle of the Season 1 finale while Vox Machina was fighting an army of the undead. Understandably, Keyleth told him it wasn’t the time or place. Will these two love birds get together in Season 2? We’re rooting for them but only time will tell.


Percy once met a shadow demon named Orthax who told him how to build the very first gun in existence, which Percy used to get revenge on the people who killed his family. Orthax manipulated the gunslinger over the course of Season 1 until they had a showdown. Percy nearly lost himself to the dark side until Vex stood between them, giving Percy the strength he needed to choose love over power and renounce the demon. We don’t think the love connection between these two is over just yet…


Pike’s speciality is healing spells, which constantly come in handy during the team’s deadly adventures. Pike struggled with her powers and her connection to the goddess Everlight in Season 1 but found her strength at the last minute; now stronger than ever, she appeared on the battlefield as an astral projection, blessed everyone’s weapons and killed hordes of undead with holy light. Henry Winkler will make a cameo in Season 2 as Pike’s great-great-grandfather.


Ashari are nomadic tribes who protect the world from threats from the Elemental Planes of fire, water, air and earth. Keyleth is currently on her Aramenté – a rite of passage for Ashari leaders – but she’s still learning how to control her powers and manipulate elements to her advantage. She’s made huge progress since Season 1, though, when she conjured sunlight for the first time to drive back the undead.


Vox Machina’s resident bard uses songs and musical instruments to create powerful illusions that usually trick or distract their enemies. Scanlan is always just a second away from breaking into song, which would be very annoying for everyone if he wasn’t also very good and famous for his performances. He’s also a master of mischief, dirty jokes and flirting.


Grog is the himbo of Vox Machina. He’s a gentle giant until a fight breaks out, at which point he turns into an enraged barbarian. When he was young, Grog was exiled from the Herd of Storms for sparing the life of an innocent gnome, who turned out to be Pike’s great-great-grandfather. After this, he and Pike became best friends, and he often carries her on his shoulders when the team is making a long journey. Goliaths are distantly related to giants, which explains Grog’s huge frame and bulking muscles.


Founded by the red dragon Thordak the Cinder King (Lance Reddick) and the ancient green dragon Raishan the Diseased Deceiver (Cree Summer), the Chroma Conclave is an alliance of chromatic dragons who want to overthrow the human rulers in Tal’Dorei and Draconia. The black dragon Umbrasyl and the white dragon Vorugal are the only other surviving members after Vox Machina defeated the blue dragon Brimscythe in Season 1.

Thordak is even bigger than other dragons and, in the Critical Role series, driven mad thanks to a crystal from the Elemental Plane of Fire embedded in his chest. As a green dragon, Raishan is cunning and manipulative, and able to disguise herself in many forms.
To defeat the Chroma Conclave, Vox Machina will go searching for the Vestiges of Divergence, ancient weapons that are among the only things powerful enough to kill dragons. But the conclave is looking for the vestiges as well. Will our heroes be fast and strong enough to defeat the dragons? We’ll have to watch to find out.

The first three episodes ofThe Legend of Vox Machina are now streaming on Prime Video, with three episodes premiering every week starting January 20. Start your free 30-day Prime Video trial today.

Alana Young