Chinese cloud native innovation leader doubles down on investment in cloud native, helping advance the technology’s growth across China and the Asia-Pacific region

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. – September 27, 2023 – The Cloud Native Computing Foundation® (CNCF®), which builds sustainable ecosystems for cloud native software, announced today that DaoCloud has increased its membership to Gold.  

DaoCloud is a leading cloud native innovator in China, having joined CNCF in early 2017. Since then the team has been a prolific contributor, including Kubernetes, where code contributions have ranked third globally and first in China in the last year. DaoCloud’s contributions to projects including Istio, containerd, KubeEdge, and Karmada consistently rank among the top three worldwide. DaoCloud has independently open-sourced nine projects.

“CNCF has been an exceptional environment to drive innovation and has played an integral role in our organization. Each of our 100+ developers plays a unique role in contributing to CNCF projects, holding 11 approver seats, 11 reviewer roles, and 20 ownership and maintenance responsibilities. We have leveraged our extensive technical expertise and client requirements to drive dozens of open source initiatives built on Kubernetes, of which four – Clusterpedia, Merbridge, Hwameistor, and Piraeus – are in the CNCF Sandbox,” said Roby Chen, Founder and CEO of DaoCloud. “Upgrading to a Gold member makes sense for us as we utilize the broader platform and enhanced benefits to share cloud native knowledge, empower more enterprises, and thereby expand the influence of cloud native technology throughout China.” 

DaoCloud employees have also received recognition for their contributions to the CNCF ecosystem. Roby Chen has been a CNCF Ambassador since 2020. Additionally, Paco Xu, the project lead for DaoCloud’s open-source initiatives, has made notable contributions to SIG-CLI and kubeadm, earning him the honor of being a 2021 Kubernetes Contributor of the Year and DaoCloud engineer Kante Yin’s contributions in the scheduler domain have earned him the recognition of being a 2022 Kubernetes Contributor of the Year

“As one of the early members of CNCF, DaoCloud has been an influential member, especially in the APAC region, as one of the first CNCF-certified Kubernetes training partners,” said Chris Aniszczyk, CTO of CNCF. “With the team’s dedication to contributing upstream, it seems natural to welcome DaoCloud as a Gold member and look forward to fostering collaboration, accelerating innovation, and contributing to the global advancement and adoption of cloud native technologies together.”

DaoCloud has placed significant emphasis on knowledge sharing, crafting numerous articles on various technical topics, and actively organizing and participating in community events. In 2022 alone, the company organized and participated in over 50 events.

​​”At this year’s KubeCon + CloudNativeCon + Open Source Summit China, DaoCloud is set to present 16 in-depth topics and showcase nine major open-source projects,” said Kay Yan, Co-founder and Chief Architect at DaoCloud. “We eagerly anticipate engaging with thousands of attendees and fostering discussions on the advancement of cloud native technology.”

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DaoCloud 晋级 CNCF 金牌成员!


CNCF(Cloud Native Computing Foundation, 云原生计算基金会)于2023年9月27日在加利福尼亚州旧金山宣布 DaoCloud 正式晋升为金牌会员!

DaoCloud 是中国云原生领域创新领导者,于 2017 年初加入 CNCF 。DaoCloud 一直秉持着开源共建的理念,积极投身于开源社区建设,长期以来在各类云原生开源项目中进行代码贡献。尤其在核心项目 Kubernetes 的代码贡献排名上,近一年在全球排名第三,位列中国第一。在其他核心项目,如 Istio、Containerd、KubeEdge、Karmada 等贡献排名稳居全球前三。值得一提的是 DaoCloud 已经自主开源了九个项目。

“CNCF 为推动技术创新营造了良好的发展环境,对我们组织的成长发挥了不可或缺的作用。我们有 100 多名开发人员正在为 CNCF 项目做出有价值的贡献,其中包括 11 个批准者(Approver)席位、11个评审员(approver )角色以及20个所有权和维护责任人(Owner/Maintainer)。我们利用丰富的技术专长和在客户实际场景积累的经验,在 Kubernetes 基础上推动了数十个开源倡议,其中四个开源项目 ClusterpediaMerbridgeHwameistorPiraeus  已进入 CNCF Sandbox,”DaoCloud 创始人兼首席执行官陈齐彦(Roby Chen)表示。”升级为金牌会员对我们来说很有意义,因为我们可以利用更广阔的平台和更多的优势来分享云原生知识,赋能更多企业,从而扩大云原生技术在中国的影响力。”

DaoCloud 员工还因其对 CNCF 生态系统的贡献而受到认可。Roby Chen 自 2020年以来一直担任 CNCF 大使。此外,DaoCloud 开源团队负责人徐俊杰(Paco Xu)对 SIG-CLI和 kubeadm 做出了突出贡献,因此,他荣获 2021年Kubernetes年度贡献者的荣誉,而 DaoCloud 工程师殷纳(Kante Yin)在调度器领域的贡献使他被认可为2022年Kubernetes年度贡献者

CNCF 首席技术官 Chris Aniszczyk 表示:”作为 CNCF 的早期成员之一,DaoCloud一直是一个有影响力的成员,尤其是在亚太地区,它是首批 CNCF 认证的 Kubernetes 培训合作伙伴之一,”基于该团队对上游贡献的执着精神和对社区发展所作出的长期努力,我们非常欢迎 DaoCloud 成为金牌成员,并期待着促进协作、加速创新,以及共同为云原生技术的全球进步和应用做出贡献。”

DaoCloud 非常注重知识共享,就云原生各种技术主题撰写了数百篇文章,并积极组织和参与社区活动。仅在 2022 年,该公司就组织和参与了 50 多场活动。

“在今年的 KubeCon + CloudNativeCon + Open Source Summit China 上,DaoCloud将带来 16 个深度议题,9 大开源展台,”DaoCloud 联合创始人兼首席架构师颜开(Kay Yan)表示:”我们热切期待与成千上万的参与者进行交流,并一起对如何促进云原生技术的进步进行讨论。”


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