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Social Media Needs and Marketing Services Scope

A provider of virtualization services came to us very unsatisfied with their website and marketing efforts. In conjunction with the social media marketing services, Nowspeed provided our client with PPC services, SEO services and built an entirely new website.

Nowspeed Social Media Strategy and Launch

For every Social Media client, Nowspeed goes through an eight-step methodology to launch or optimize the social media platforms. Additionally, Nowspeed reviews a 75+ item checklist with each client to ensure that every opportunity to promote their brand is being evaluated. To kick off the social media methodology, Nowspeed first looked at the client’s target audience which was network managers looking to save money and efficiency through virtualization. For its social media objectives, the client needed to increase followers on their social media platforms, create new discussions and engagements, and hopefully drive more leads through social media. Nowspeed recommended a strategy of more industry content, an aggressive social media following strategy and tripling their content posting schedule. The client accepted our social media marketing recommendations and we re-launched the social media platforms.

Social Media Marketing Results

Nowspeed was able to deliver the following social media results over 9 months;

  • Conversions – Delivered 180 SMM Conversions to the client. The client had an average cost per conversion of approximately $200, so these conversions were effectively worth $36,000 which is a very solid return on investment.
  • Website – Social media was able to help achieve a 6.8% conversion rate for their website post-launch by driving over 3,500 visits to the website directly from social media.
  • Blog – The website received over 190 visits from the client’s blog (Average conversion rate of 11.7%).
  • Facebook – We increased the client’s Facebook Likes by 604%, we posted over 600 times and drove 193 visits to the website from Facebook (Average conversion rate of 1.4%).
  • LinkedIn – We increased their followers by 70%, posted 84 times, and their website received 1,692 visits from LinkedIn (Average conversion rate of 1.2%).
  • Twitter – We increased their followers by 311% to over 3,000 followers, posted 2,403 tweets and the website received 1,433 visits from Twitter (Average conversion rate of 9.8%).

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