With KubeVirt there is an easy and cloud-native way to run Virtual Machines on Kubernetes whenever it is necessary. KubeVirt provides all the necessary features to tie in with Kubernetes and it’s eco-system. Depending on the use-case a subset of these features are needed. Deploying KubeVirt in a way tuned for a specific use-case is what we call an opinionated deployment.
HCO (Hyperconverged Operator), which is part of the broader KubeVirt Project, performs an opinionated deployment of KubeVirt and other components in order to provide everything that is needed to run traditional high performance Virtual Machines on Kubernetes in a production ready way.

As an example we will then look at how the opinionated deployment is simplifying the use of SR-IOV network devices for fast packet processing.

In this session you will learn about
– The HCO architecture
– HCO deployment and upgrades
– Kubernetes performance essentials
– How to configure a VM to use an SR-IOV network device