Traditional zone-based security approaches that worked well in the data center for the past 30 years struggle with elastically-scaled and dynamically-scheduled platforms like Kubernetes.

The Zero Trust security model, which requires internal systems and services to communicate with each other as if they were potentially compromised, needs to become the new normal. In this webinar, experts from Anthem,, and HPE discuss the unique requirements of a typical healthcare organization for implementing a Zero Trust based security model.

Presenters share how to use CNCF’s SPIFFE and SPIRE projects along with other Cloud Native technologies such as Network Service Mesh (NSM) to build a solid foundation for operating Zero Trust security models.

Attendees will learn more about the architecture and design tradeoffs, core capabilities, and a broad range of use cases around Zero Trust along with the ecosystem that is emerging around them. Each speaker represents a different stakeholder and shares their unique perspectives and priorities about the technologies. There is time in the end for Q&A.