Krius is a CLI tool to easily manage Prometheus, Thanos & friends across multiple clusters for scale. We built Krius because one of the biggest challenges is to set up / manage the whole monitoring stack in your cluster, which is very time-consuming and tedious.Krius deploys the entire observability suite into your Kubernetes clusters, so you can start monitoring and analyzing your applications’ usage and proactively act on alerts. Krius automates/facilitates the process of wiring all components together in case of complex deployment topologies.Currently, Krius can set up/manage the following components of the monitoring stack.- Prometheus is an open source metrics-based monitoring and alerting toolkit.- Thanos is an open source system that helps enterprises achieve a HA Prometheus setup with long-term storage capabilities.- Object storage for long-term storage capabilities. Current working and tested object storage client implementations are Google Cloud Storage, AWS/S3 (and all S3-compatible storages, e.g. disk-based Minio), and Azure Storage Account. Other object storage clients should also work, like OpenStack Swift and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Object Storage which are not tested yet.Krius works on a config file, a single declarative state of the Monitoring Stack across multiple clusters. You can create the Krius spec using the command krius spec generate and then apply the configuration spec using the krius apply command by putting the suitable configuration of your clusters, and then Krius does the rest.