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Cloud Native Now: “CNCF Graduates KEDA Autoscaler for Kubernetes Clusters”

Posted on August 23, 2023

The Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) revealed today that the Kubernetes Event-Driven Autoscaling (KEDA) project has formally graduated.

Cloud Native Computing Foundation Announces Graduation of Kubernetes Autoscaler KEDA

Posted on August 22, 2023

The event-driven autoscaler is now used in production by more than 45 organizations, including FedEx, Grafana Labs, KPMG, Reddit, and Xbox SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. – August 22, 2023 – The Cloud Native Computing Foundation® (CNCF®), which builds sustainable…

ITOps Times: “KEDA graduates from CNCF”

Posted on August 22, 2023

The Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) has announced the graduation of another project: KEDA, which is a Kubernetes autoscaler. 

SilconANGLE: “Kubernetes autoscaling engine KEDA graduates from CNCF’s incubator program”

Posted on August 22, 2023

The Cloud Native Computing Foundation today announced the graduation of KEDA, an open-source tool created by Microsoft Corp. and Red Hat to make Kubernetes clusters more efficient.

Results of the KEDA security engagement

Posted on February 2, 2023 | By Amir Montazery

Community post by Amir Montazery, OSTIF, cross-posted from OSTIF’s blog KEDA, or the Kubernetes-based Event Driven Autoscaling project, was reviewed by Trail of Bits at the end of 2022. KEDA joins a growing list of CNCF Projects audited…

KEDA at Zapier

Posted on January 21, 2022

End User guest post by Ratnadeep Debnath, Site Reliability Engineer at Zapier At Zapier, RabbitMQ is at the heart of Zap processing. We enqueue messages to RabbitMQ for each step in a Zap. These messages get consumed by…

The New Stack: “Kubernetes-Autoscaling KEDA Moves into CNCF Incubation”

Posted on August 24, 2021

KEDA, the Kubernetes Event-Driven Autoscaler project, has moved on from the sandbox tier at the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) this week, joining the 21 other projects in incubation, such as Argo, Falco, gRPC and Rook.

SearchITOperations: KEDA project adds finesse to Kubernetes autoscaling

Posted on August 19, 2021

A new take on Kubernetes autoscaling gained momentum this week with promotion from sandbox to incubation within the Cloud Native Computing Foundation. To earn this promotion, Kubernetes Event-Driven Autoscaling (KEDA) passed a Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) due…

KEDA moves from the CNCF Sandbox to become an incubating project

Posted on August 18, 2021

The CNCF Technical Oversight Committee (TOC) has voted to accept KEDA as a CNCF incubating project. Kubernetes Event-Driven Autoscaling (KEDA) is a single-purpose event-driven autoscaler for Kubernetes that can be easily added to Kubernetes clusters to scale applications….

Why Alibaba Cloud uses KEDA for application autoscaling

Posted on March 30, 2021 | By Yan Xun, Andy Shi, and Tom Kerkhove

Guest post by Yan Xun, Senior Engineer from Alibaba Cloud EDAS team, Andy Shi, Developer Advocator from Alibaba Cloud, Tom Kerkhove, Containerization Practitioner Lead & Azure Architect at Codit, KEDA maintainer, CNCF Ambassador When scaling Kubernetes there are…